Our Values

Annie North is victim/survivor centred and a rights-based service model that works within a human rights framework. We are client-focused and inclusive, and place the safety of women, their children and their recovery at the centre of their experience with our service. 

We aim to support women, children and young people experiencing domestic and/or family violence to be safe and have options that lead to sustainable long-term outcomes free from abuse. We respond in a timely manner and our work is grounded in evidence-based practice. 

We respect that clients are the experts in their own journeys, and support is based around them making decisions for themselves while helping to locate the experience of domestic and/or family violence in the wider context of women’s and children’s relative lack of social, economic and political power.

We help identify and challenge the systems barriers and gaps that victim/survivors encounter, and we challenge victim-blaming narratives and stereotypes that are wide spread in the community.

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