*Alli's Story

*Alli was only 26 years old when she arrived in Australia on a temporary partner visa, excited to begin her new life with her new husband. She had left everything behind, including her family, friends and her job.

Her husband had been so kind to her and her family whenever he visited her in her home county, however, Alli was distressed to find that he behaved very differently once they began living together. He became extremely controlling and abusive toward her. He did not include her in his social life and would not allow her to socialise with anyone other than him. This left her feeling isolated, scared and trapped. To make matters worse, she was in the vulnerable position of having no permanent residency status, no income and limited English. Her husband had also taken both her and their daughter's passports and hidden them.

A year later a neighbor became concerned and contacted police. Police attended their property and after Alli described the events of the previous 12 months, they offered to assist her to leave. She accepted their assistance and Alli and her infant daughter were referred to refuge.

While in refuge at Annie North, Alli was provided with safe accommodation in one of Annie North's modern, fully appointed onsite units, allowing her to regain her independence and start the healing process. She had access to counselling, advocacy and referrals to legal support as well as opportunities to socialise with other women and participate in onsite playgroup with her daughter.  

Ultimately, Alli wanted nothing more than to return to her home country to be with her family and friends. Annie North supported her to obtain passports to replace the ones her husband had taken from her and arranged airfares for them both.

Alli contacted Annie North one last time to say, "I've arrived safely. Thanks to the team that took care of me and my daughter. I have arrived home ready to hug my mother and relatives".

*name has been changed to protect anonymity

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